Access to soil survey information is provided through maps. All text and tables relate to the map symbols and the areas delineated on these maps. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of soil survey information should contact the NRCS at the USDA Service Center that services the county of interest. See also the NRCS Accessibility Statement.
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The Waterway Design Tool (WDT) is used to design grassed lined waterways consistent with national conservation practice standards Code 412 Grassed Waterway and Code 362 Diversions. Because WDT is integrated with the Survey Engineering Tool, designers can graphically view, their design as they progress through its development. The design procedures used in the WDT are based on a tractive stress approach to channel stability described in the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Agricultural Handbook 667, and also captured in the National Engineering Handbook, Engineering Field Manual, Chapter 7, Grassed Waterways

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